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    Top 5 Tips for well living and prevent financial stress

  • Avoid DEBT, CREDIT CARD DEBTS -: Avoid spenidng on things that you don't need to buy. Don't buy luxury items, electronic upgrades on credit card loans if it is not needed.
  • Save first but later -: Every month or by the period you get your ve, save first. Save fixed maximum amount of money you could before you spend. Wealth building is more about money saving than earning.
  • Build Emergency Funds -: Always put a share of your income in an emergency fund, never withdraw from it. Every year increase the target amount of emergency fund.
  • Learn about Money -:Keep learning about money. How banking works, value of your assets etc.
  • Invest for long term goals -: If you can sit in the shade of tree today, because someone planted it in past. Same way to have money in later life or for your children, invest for long term.